Yet, another niche market

On the quest of indentifying niche markets -purely generated by the individual needs of consumers; One, might wonder if there is any place left for innovation. The answer is: Yes, but could it be affordable enough for an entrepreneur to undertake? Not really.

In a world where big companies run the field, it is crucial to build your penetration strategy to complement, rather than, compete with the big boys.

Take MacDonald’s/or Burger King for example; whatever the branch next to you serves, they have paid for that royalty! Thus, serving a Breakfast Menu means that they are adding more cost to their business. What if you can turn that into an opportunity!! Here we go:

  1. Identifying the Gap: the main components of a Breakfast Menu are eggs and sausage; all other components are available of the main (basic) menu.
  2. The Gap, in Concept: treat Eggs and Sausages as an added condiment like Cheese, Onions or Mayonnaise.
  3. The Gap, Functional: what do you need to make it work? Any functioning restaurant should be equipped with a grill and a freezer at minimal; all you need from your side is your Eggs, Sausages and an employee/per shift.  
  4. A Requirement: getting your Eggs and Sausages certified/ approved by the mother company being Burger King, MacDonald’s, Wendy’s, etc.
  5. Who’s your Customer? Any restaurant that hopes to save cost on their menu i.e., cutting on royalties, increasing competitiveness by offering All-day Breakfast without any added cost, etc.
  6. A Win-win approach: While you can easily charge 40- 60 cents per added condiment being Egg or Sausage, the actual cost is almost half; a decent profit margin when dealt in volume.
  7. The benefits: a) Thousands of employment opportunities could be generated. b) Customers could enjoy their breakfast meal whenever their day starts. c) Restaurants will cut on another cost and probably much more.

So, if their Eggs and Sausages weren’t out of this world, and they weren’t so greedy; companies such as Burger King should have no problem certifying you as a supplier, then you can put an employee at every one of their branches so a customer could enjoy a Western BBQ Cheeseburger with a nice fried egg on top; a combination like no other, served all day long, with absolutely no extra charge to the business 🙂

Another example on niche markets could be borrowed of the Coffee chains; each trying to compete under an obsolete business model based on: ‘coffee is how Italians drink it’! Thus the old-same variety you find everywhere!

A little of dried Cardamom grinded with coffee beans, then percolated would make for a great Arabian Coffee; the same dried Cardamom/ or even Sage boiled in water then used for your Tea lowers blood pressure and helps digestion, not to mention the amazing taste. Both additives are purely natural, could be found at any supermarket and truly cheap!

In cities with Middle Eastern taste, such varieties would sell high in volume, but it would require a spirit of change, to drop the old understanding and go global; about time 🙂

Until our next niche; Merry Christmas



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