What is Canadian Experience?!!

Canadian Experience is a Mystical Creature; a mirage of some sort. You could spend years trying to catch it but never succeed for that it does not exist! At least, not in the form claimed to be.

To become Canadian(lly) Experienced has more to do with: How you Appear rather than What you can offer! Sadly True… Some might reach there after few years, few might have luck (or destiny) by their side and get there faster, but most, would eventually give up and become –less than what they wanted to become.

What you Should Know and What you Should Do has to do with You.

In Presenting Yourself:

On Paper/ Online

–         North American Terminology: your Resume, Yes, it’s called resume here, not a Curriculum Vitae (CV). Say: Resume.

–         Stick to short, to the point statements when conveying a point, writing a resume or even a cover letter. Do not list your ‘Job Duties’; list ‘Your

–         Customize your profile to fit the job you seek. Borrow Key Words from the job ad and place them in your resume so you won’t be disqualified –by the system, before someone gets the chance to review your application.

–         Seek any job that has to do with your previous experience –sacrifice finance if you could; it surly pays back. That will help you grow constantly, and peacefully.

–         Humble yourself, and your previous titles. Let’s be honest: No one is going to hire some ex-CEO/ Boss of Bosses whom has done it all to work
at the bottom of the scale. Start small, and then grow big ((again)).

In Person

While most of the people you might encounter are less educated than you are; they are way far sophisticated and this is because they read a lot plus, the advanced media which keeps them up-to-date with all areas of life. Scary Stuff! Ha? No Worries

–         Stop all that you’re reading and start on some inspiring stuff. Start building your sophistication.

–         Check if there is any course you could take to upgrade your professional capabilities. Something that ends with a useful certificate of course; we’re
not talking Basic English/ or Computer courses here.

–         Follow the News, locally and internationally; be aware of what is happening socially, economically and politically. Become truly and sincerely involved
in your new environment. Localize your sophistication.

–         Don’t feel offended; it’s a different culture and people over here are “practical”, to the point of sounding rude sometimes.

–         Widen your contact base. If the people you’re associated with now are still where they were one year ago, move on.

–         Go out; observe and associate.

Connecting with the Opportunity

Having that said, and done; opportunities will start to come your way, do not let it pass by; evaluate each opportunity as if its you’re only one, then move to the next one.

Catch the 1st Chance Study the 1st Chance Chance’s Pros vs. Cons

Choose / or Combine

Catch the 2nd Chance Study the 2nd Chance Chance’s Pros vs. Cons
Catch the 3rd Chance Study the 3rd Chance Chance’s Pros vs. Cons
Catch as Many Study More Chances Chance’s Pros vs. Cons

Responding to the Opportunity

Mr./ Ms. Sophisticated: Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk

–         Visualize: Rehearse for every interview/ or meeting like an actor. A great chance to practice the right terminology.

–         Repeat: Repeat the information you have gathered, the notes/or comments you have generated. Repeat like a believer.

–         Control: You’re in it, to win it. Extinguish your fears like a firefighter.

–        Confidence: Smile, in your way in and out.

–       Respect: Listen, Take notes, wait, wait, Answer. Be nice, not ridicules.

–       Excite: Have something impressive yet, helpful to say by the end.

Follow-up: don’t just pick-up the phone and ask: “what the hell is taking so long??” No, prepare something to offer, an advice or a gesture; something you have captured in your previous meeting. Show that you can add value, simply by showing that you care.

Wow, that was a lot…

SO, Becoming Sophisticated (reading, dressing, thinking, and responding) → Helps you fit → Fitting, exposes you to opportunities → Opportunities are evaluated with your new skills and attitude → Nurtured with continuous learning and development → Results in Acquiring the Opportunity.

Building for your Canadian Experience means building your Canadian-Self, the rest is by-product 😉

I hope, by sharing my own experience, some might benefit.





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10 responses to “What is Canadian Experience?!!

  1. Hello Firas,
    I come across your blog through linkedin. Your relies impress me very much and I would like to request you some advise for me.

    I have completed masters in Ecomomics and LLB. I know, my educational qualification is only a gateway for migration application or else. However, I develop my career focusing international job market. I am a Web Content Writer in an IT company in Bangladesh and a freelance writer as well.

    Recently, I am going to sit for IELTS exam aiming 8.0 band score. I want to ask you – Is it possible to reach in Canada by arranging a job through monster.com or network?

    Please mail me if you need more information to guide me properly. Your little guidance will help me a lot driving me in right way. Thank you in advance and looking forward to getting reply from you soon.

    • Bro,
      You have started your inquiry by detailing you qualifications; first thing you need to know about Canada, none of that really matters!
      By the time you have got your certificates accredited, few courses to add to your resume, career counselling, job listing and search, interviews –if you get any- a year has went by! How do you plan to live? You would need a minimum of CAD 18,000 for your first year, that if you come alone!
      Now, let’s talk about jobs; everyone knows that it is an Employer Market i.e., a lot of qualified unemployed people with almost no jobs; how do you plan to find a job? You will be competing with people whom graduated from well-known universities, people who have worked with big North American companies, recognized by this market; how are you planning to compete?
      So, beside the money you are going to spend and lose, starting your career over, losing years of your life; what are you planning to gain in return? If the answer you come up with, satisfies you, then go ahead.
      Good Luck. Firas

  2. Dina

    ohhhhh interesting and practical, although I was depressed before reading , feeling that I will not stand a chance in Canada, but I got -somehow- some positive thoughts out of your piece.
    I already have my PR card but not encouraged to move there, it’s not an easy decision and entails many sacrifices especially if you are well established in your country and will put all your savings in sort of a gambling game -as I see it- because you don’t know the outcome 😦
    But the thing is that the grass is not greener in my country ,not anymore, especially for my kids, this why I chose Canada,opting for a better future,hoping that one day we can fulfill that

    • In the great movie of 2002, The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantes said something inspiring like “Life is a storm, my friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. You will be judged by what you do when that storm comes. You must look into that storm and shout: Do your worst, for I will do mine! Then the fates will know you as you shall be known”.
      I wish you, and your family, all the best. Firas

  3. Hm, very interesting point of view. I apply for Canada immigration process, and hope that I will get the papers so I can become a Canadian. 🙂
    Question is: Is there really such a need for newcomers to change completely only to get a job they wish or have enough knowledge to do?


  4. Very Inspiring and practical Firas. Thank you. May bother you frequently

  5. Sohail Khurshid

    Great post Firas. Thank you!

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