Democracy of Iraq..

Democracy is not a dress that you could buy for a night out, democracy is not a fixed procedure that we could apply everywhere through implementing the same methods; democracy must be designed by the people, based on their culture and believes, up to their needs and above all, does not contradict with their heritage, even when that heritage is/was based on dictatorship!


take for example our alleged elections, which was labeled with democracy yet implemented through sectarian channels, to those who doesn’t know Iraq, the people who won they only succeeded because:

  • they had their armed forces controlling certain areas, and the lives of the people living at those areas.
  • they were generously funded by lobbies from outside Iraq, each working for their own benefit i.e., Americans, Europeans, Saudis, Iranians, etc.
  • they were blessed by a recognized religious leader or they come originally from a well known family and sometimes it was both.
  • the Shia of Iraq –although they form the majority of population, have never had the chance to role and that was their chance to make a difference despite the unreadiness among them and the growing hatred towards the Iranians which reflected badly on their image.
  • Saddam, his followers and his sons has taught the Iraqis a 30 years lesson on “you are FREE to kill or get killed”!


after all that, and when we were expected to perform within democracy, to practice our role as good citizens by voting to the ones we trust with our future, we voted as Saddam taught us, we relayed our votes on how big and glimmering the family name is, our religious believes and loads of hopes that would never come true because those people were not meant to role a country as big and diverse as Iraq.


how would you expect me to follow a leader hence, prime minister who was elected because of his religious believes which completely contradicts with my religious believes if i am a Christina, Muslim Shia, Muslim Suni, etc. and he is not!!                                             


we need to prioritize, as what we need, even before democracy, is food, electricity, water and an army to secure our lives. educate the people on al later stage, teach them what freedom means and by doing so we will have a new generation capable of forming a democracy that would fulfill our needs whilst respecting our culture.                


and to those who are calling for the American troops to withdraw from Iraq now, may i ask you what would you expect to happened then? Iraq –unfortunately as we would picture it, is in the middle of a poker table, chips were divided between the main players, just imagine when one of those players withdraw, eventually someone is going to win those chips and consequently turn the table to the benefit of their lobby..


allow the Americans to undo the harm, allow them to rebuild the army they once destroyed when Rumsfeld made a tremendous mistake by turning over one million military personnel to unemployed people with their families starving to death. this is the only way the Americans could make a victory in Iraqi, and we need their help even if that means that we should help them because –for once, their victory is ours; an army that fears a God and loves Iraq. then they should leave and we shall continue



and to be continued


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